Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aloo Pyaas masala

Time taken to cook this recipe : 15 mins.

1 big Onion :cut into small pieces

3 medium Potatoes :cut into medium size pieces
3 medium Chillies
2tbsp Salt
1 tsp Curry Spice powder
pinch ofTumeric powder
1tbsp ginger garlic paste

First step is to Microwave the potatoes.Dont forget to add 1tbsp salt to the water before starting the microwave. If salt is not added potatoes taste bland and will not be able to take any flaour from the curry spices. Most of the microwaves have an option of vegetables in which we can select potatoes .Meanwhile, When the potatoes are getting cooked in the microwave,heat two tbsp oil and add curry spice powder , tumeric powder , ginger garlic paste and chillis and put the onions and fry them. Once onions are fried sufficiently add chilli powder to taste and 1tbsp corriander powder. Dont add salt now to this masala as we have added salt to the potatoes being cooked in the microwave. So Adding the salt after mixing the masala with potatoes would be better.

Once the potatoes are microwaved, take a piece of potato with a fork and eat it.If its is cooked i.e. if the potato is soft to bite and you can eat it v easily , potatos are now ready. Take the potatos from the microwave and add it your onion masala and mix it completely. And now check if the salt is enough or add to taste. keep the lid closed and put the stove on for 5 more mins and then put it off.

Tasty Alu pyaas masala curry is now ready to be served

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