Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ra.. ra.. rasssaammmm!!! (pepper rasam)

rasam is soo eassy too make and needs such few ingredients...
anyone can make it :))

Basically, the main ingredients you need are tomatoes, tamarind and rasam powder.
In the recipe, she actually gives the recipe for the rasam powder too. I didn't make it since I had the rasam powder from India. So, I just used that and added some pepper on top of it because I wanted the pepper effect.

The only thing I really had to buy for this recipe were the tomatoes.
I already had the other needed ingredients stocked at home.

I guess tamarind and rasam powder may be not be regular ingredients at someone's home based on how regularly/irregularly you use them.

Maybe, we should create another post where we list all the ingredients (that have good shelf/refrigerator life) someone should keep at home needed for most of the easy recipes.. so, we don't have to go to the indian store on the day of cooking..
don't know about the rest of you all.. but, for me a trip to indian store is a 1 hr, it will work well for me to have such a list :)

Here's the recipe I followed:
(btw, this works as a really good cure for clearing throat/runny nose).

and here's a picture of what I made

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  1. Wowwww! it looks awesome :) will definately try this!