Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Veg Manchow Soup

This may not be an "easy" recipe but it definitely is a happy one! Just takes a lot of prep work before cooking, so I cheated and used my food processor to pulse all vegetables which makes it not as pretty as this video, call me lazy :)

So here is the recipe, good old Sanjeev Kapoor :)

Couple variations to this recipe:
1) Instead of tofu and fried noodles I added crispy fried chicken strips. I made these quickly by marinating thinly cut strips of chicken with salt, pepper and lime juice while prepping for the soup. Lightly dust them with flour and shallow fry in oil.

2) You could substitute any meat in this soup. Just adjust the seasonings accordingly.

3) For vegetarians, adding beans or meatball/ chicken strips soy substitutes would also work great.

4) This could also be a great noodle soup if you add some boiled noodles instead of fried.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

~~Cook, Share, Enjoy!~~


  1. poo...awesome! I never made a soup before .. I'll try it...
    I think, with the food kinda becomes a quick recipe right?
    and which food processor do you have? I am planning on getting one, been asking ppl for recommendations...

    1. The food processor I have is from Cuisinart which we bought a couple years ago. Dont remember the model number but if you are thinking about getting one, Cuisinart is good and fast. Mine has a dough function so I knead my flour for chapatis in it too.