Friday, January 4, 2013

frankie (kati roll)

Anybody from India would know frankie (or) atleast would have heard about it.
I don't know about all the other states, but the hyderabadi malls rock the frankies... can never get enough of them... and my trip to india is incomplete without getting a taste for these.

After thinking about it for a while, we (husband and I) finally attempted making them at home.
After browsing multiple sources, I felt like this recipe would yield the best result and I think I was right.
Although my roti didn't come out quite round (:p)... but it tasted good neverthless.

We followed this recipe verbatim:

Note (for people who use food processor to make the dough):
I made atta dough in the food processor once before and it came out perfect. As soon as I added 1/2 the amount of water as the atta flour, the food processor would make the atta into a nice dough ball.

So, I tried doing the same this time (except this time the dough was a mix of atta dough and all purpose flour). Based on the recipe video, the amount of water to add is the half the amount of atta flour you use in the dough. However, I didn't see the dough ball shaping so I went on adding water and it became too much - and created enough extra work.
I suggest after you add half the water, and if it still doesn't seem like its coming together like a dough ball, stop and take it out and do the rest with the hand.


  1. Looks awesome! will try it with paneer!

  2. I LOVE frankies…. def gonna make this soon thanks for refreshing my memory :)