Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lazy Cook's Pita Pocket Recipes

When (and if) I get bored of eating out for lunch, I start looking for healthy alternatives that will not take too much preparation. Lately, my laziness has been on its peak when it comes to cooking so I have been looking around for food items that can be put together into a quick meal. I am just jotting down ingredients and procedure for some lunchables that I attempted. Pita bread serves as a versatile replacement for Roti, Naan, Rice etc. One can get a full pita or pita pockets (halves) from any grocery store. These are available in daily/bakery section, in white or wheat.

1. Pita bread or pockets
2. Main stuffing (smoked turkey/chicken slices, veggie patty, falafal, leftover vegetables, Thanksgiving stuffing, etc.)
3. Spreads (Mint/Coriander chutney, pesto, cheese, hummus, etc.)
4. Salad items (Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.)

It is as simple as it gets.
1. Warm up the pita on a pan or in a toaster.
     I prefer not to microwave pita since it does not get heated up evenly and becomes soggy if it was refrigerated before. If the pita is intact (whole pita without any holes or tears), the two layers separate out well on heating.
2. Apply spread inside the pita between two layers. For a whole pita, you can make a small cut in the middle. Although, it is hard to apply spread evenly inside the whole pita.
3. Stuff the pita with main stuffing and salad items.

Some of the stuffing combinations that I have tried so far are:
Mint chutney and smoked turkey slices (This is a surprisingly tasty combination)
Pimento cheese with Jalapenos and turkey slices
Pesto, chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers

I think thanksgiving stuffing, turkey slices and cranberry sauce will be yet another classic combination. Veggie patty, falafal or potato stuffing that goes into vada or samosa will also make a good stuffing here. Well, I will let your imagination run wild. Enjoy!!



  1. Awesome Manish! Will try the one with veggie patty :)

  2. Thanks Manish.. Easy happy cookin is all about lazy cooking! :p
    I sure am going to try this next week!
    And its healthy too...
    so, nothing to lose :D :)