Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Tamarind: 100gms. (or 3 spoons tamarind paste)
Rice: 2 cups cooked and cooled.
chillies: 3 (whole)
ginger: 1/2 inch (chopped)
oil: 5 tablespoons.
curry leaves: 1 stalk
coriander leaves: 2 tablespoons.
turmeric: 1 1/2 tea spoon.
salt: as needed

chillies: 2 (whole)
channa dal: 1 tablespoons
urad dal: 1 tablespoon
cumin seeds: 1/2 spoon.
mustard seeds: 1/2 spoon.
peanuts: 2tbs. (roasted)
cashew: 2tbs.
ginger: 1/2 inch (chopped)
curry leaves: 1 stalks
uppu mirapakaayalu (salted dried chillies): 3


Let tamarind soak in warm water for 1 hour.
Now squeeze/extract it well and throw the remains of the tamarind.
Now, add chillies and ginger to it and cook it on low flame.
Put the lid on, now.
The paste should become thick and reduce to half the original quantity.

Add 1 tbs. of oil and curry leaves, coriander to the cooked rice and then, let it cool.
After it cools down, add turmeric and salt and mix it.
Now, add tamarind mix.

Now, do the tempering with the ingredients under tempering.
Now, pour the tempering over the tamarind rice.

If not enough sourness at the end, add some more tamarind paste (after frying it in some oil a little bit).

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