Monday, October 15, 2012

Peanut sauce

Quick and easy to make at home and comes out just like the one served in restaurants!

- Oil
- Peanuts
- Spices
- Honey :: The secret ingredient

Pour some oil in the pan. Roast the peanuts on a light flame and make sure they are golden brown. Make sure they dont burn to prevent the burning flavor (because that would dominate the whole flavor).
Now, add some water and grind them to make a fine puree. Pour this mixture back into the pan and heat for a little more time. At this point, you can add any spices that you would like. I added black pepper and red chilli powder. Also, add salt.
Make sure the consistency is as required by you. If its too thick, add some water and bring to boil. If its too watery, leave it in a pan uncovered for a while until the extra water evaporates on a slow flame. When done, switch off the stove.
Now, add appropriate amount of honey. This is kinda the secret ingredient in the recipe so dont forget it!
Ready to be served!

PS: Pictures would come in later :D

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  1. niice..this is pretty much our indian peanut chutney except for the last 2 steps (where you boil and add honey).
    cool! :)