Monday, October 15, 2012

Rice Rolls

A fresh and crunchy snack

Please see the ingredients listed in Italic font below:

The veggies I used were:
any greens- spinach/lettuce- give a nice crunch and freshness
mushrooms - sauteed - improves the texture and taste
onions- sauteed- improves the texture and taste
avocado- always good to have!
Red pepper- sauteed- good taste and crunchiness
Cucumbers- give that nice crunch and freshness
Sprouts- crunch crunch

Good additions:
Chicken/Tofu - You can add these in any form: marinated/grilled/fried

You can basically add whatever you want in here. Make sure to not add any moistness in this mixture, keep it dry.

Add any spices you would like to. I added black pepper only. Make sure to enjoy this with peanut sauce, without any kind of sauce, not sure how it would taste.

Rice sheets- Can be found in the Asian section. The instructions on how to use these are on the back of this packet. All you want to do is, get a flat pan and warm up the water so that its lukewarm. Quickly dip the sheet in and pull it out and place it on a dry surface to put the stuffing in. Once you have the stuffing placed at the center, fold the rest into whatever shape you want.

Best served fresh! Enjoy!!

PS: Picture will come in later :D

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  1. awesome gun...I think it will be great for a weekend evening snack (or dinner if we make enough of them) :)