Saturday, November 24, 2012

coconut daal/lentils

Today being black friday, we shopped like crazy last night .. slept late .. got up late and went to the stores as soon as we got up...
I think it was all worth it.. we found some nice deals ...  and it was good fun :)

We got back home late in the evening..really tired... and obviously, I wanted to cook something simple
but delicious.
From some of the recipes bookmarked, I chose coconut daal from usmasala blog.
I am totally in love with her blog. Her recipes are unique and love the pictures that she posts with her recipes and so far, every recipe of hers that I tried has turned out wonderful.
The pictures itself get me excited to make the dish!!

Here's the recipe that I followed

Few changes:
I didn't have masoor dal and so, I used toor dal.
I followed her instructions and made the dal in the sauce pan instead of pressure cooker.
    I put the heat on medium initially until it boiled and after that, I put the lid on (left it ajar) and put the heat on sim.
    The dal took about 45-50 mins to cook to the consistency I wanted.
     Next time, I am going to try to make the dal in a pressure cooker.

As you can guess, the recipe doesn't take too much effort. It just takes time because of the cook time for dal.
Here's the picture of what I made:
I just loved how it turned out. It was sooo good!
The flavor of coconut with dal was amazing and has a nice calming/soothing effect.

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