Thursday, February 7, 2013

masoor dal with green beans on the side

Coming from Andhra, I have almost always had toor dal and never really tried any other kind of dal or can't really remember if I did.
Its been almost 7 years since I left home in India... been very long...don't remember if I had any other
dal  before that.

Anyways, I got introduced to masoor dal when I tasted it at Mridula's place and loved the taste of it.
You can find the recipe of that at

I did exactly the same except ... I added some garam masala just before turning off the flame cause I like the flavor of that.
Also, added red chillies when I adeed cumin and mustard. Love dry red chillies and try to put them in as many dishes as possible.

I found this really easy and really tasty and perfect side for dal - green beans dish and made it.
Loved how it went with the dal as a side.

Here's the recipe:

Did everything the same except added some curry powder along with all the other spices so its not bland.

And Here's a picture of my plate :)

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