Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whats for dinner tonight you ask? It is a comfort food kinda night for me....

Mac and cheese it is, italian style :)
Of course with a side of greens; Swiss chard that i will saute in olive oil with some onions, salt and pepper). I am trying to minimize my non-vegetarian intake, just coz, but hey cheese = protein, right? So i think  this will be a balanced meal :)

And P.S: this guy Fabio Viviani is good (
I have not made a lot of his recipes but they look ah-mazing! And if you watch his videos on he has some great tips....

~~Cook, Share, Enjoy!~~

Here is how it came out… half eaten….delicious!!


  1. look who just posted! awesome! :)
    Will try this sometime.. it sounds interesting!
    Will check out fabio guys stuff too!